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Canon Character App:

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Third person sample RP:

OC Application:

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Species: (If youkai, specify type)
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Third person sample RP:
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Player's name: Katu
Player's IM or email: GoldeyedChemist

Character: Shippou
Background: A little fox demon who was unfortunate enough to have his father killed by Hiten and Manten, the thunder brothers. After his little subplot is fixed, he joins InuYasha and crew, searching for the Shikon Jewels and a way to kick Naraku's ass. Which, apparently, they do. XD
Describe the character in your own words: Adorable, fiesty, mischievious and ADORABLE. I said adorable, but it needs saying twice.

Third person sample RP: Shippou glared at Miroku, and pretended not to notice that while he was blessing the house with his right hand, he was fondling the poor woman with his left.

"Some role model you are!" Shippou muttered when they were invited into the house for the night. He was quiet for a moment and then he added, "But that was a precision display of skill on your part..."
Approved! Please reply here with Shippou's journal, then join the comm. :)

I need to find some icons for this guy...
Player's name: Phase
Player's IM or email: AIM: broknbutterfly45

Character: Sango
Background: Raised in a family of demon slayers, Sango has grown up with an extensive knowledge of both battle and various demon breeds. Her entire family was killed when Naraku manipulated Sango's younger brother, Kohaku, into doing his bidding, nearly killing Sango in the process as well. But she survived, and after learning of Naraku's involvement vowed to avenge her family and rescue her brother from Naraku's clutches. She joined Inuyasha's group in hopes of completing this goal.
Describe the character in your own words: Kind, patient, courageous, forgiving (*clears throat, glancing ever so slightly in Miroku's direction*), violent. ^_^

Third person sample RP:
This group of mismatched fighters might have started out as a bunch of strangers to her, but over time, Sango had come to look at them as family. They shared the same pains, the same laughs, the same difficulties, and, in many places, the same scars. Inuyasha, Miroku, Kagome, Shippou--they had all become the family she no longer had, and that's why she pledged both her loyalty and her life to these friends who she knew would do the same for her.

But, like any family, they weren't perfect.

Sango's hand only just visibly twitched, continuing to draw closer towards her hiraikotsu as it had been for the past twenty minutes. It took an amazing amount of self-control to pull it back, especially when she was tired, grumpy from lack of sleep, and sore from the previous battle; not to mention, the obnoxious bickering between Inuyasha and Shippou just made her headache pound worse.

"Inuyasha!" she exploded, raising herself onto her knees, fists clenched. "Must you really act like a child during every meal?! Just let him have the last damn fish!"

Honestly. Dealing with the two of them was like dealing with a couple of toddlers.
Oh, yay! ♥

Definitely approved. Please create a journal for her and join the community!

Would you like to talk to the others (uh, specifically probably me, being Miroku-mun) as to how everyone split up?
Here she is! :D

And yes, we need to get crackin'. ^^
Great! Do you mind if I IM you?
Certainly, houshi-sama! That's what it's there for. ^_^