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InuYasha and Kagome arrive in the feudal era

When Kagome arrived in feudal Japan, she looked around for any sign of the people who sent the note to InuYasha and herself, wondering if they would be anywhere near the well. "Miroku?" she called. "Sango?"

Then she turned to her fluffy-eared companion and said, "You smell them anywhere?"
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Inuyasha sniffed the air, while his ears twitched back and forth. With a nod, he pointed in the direction their odor smelled strongest, and told her, "Yeah. They're off that way."

Even if they were too far to hear them, it would be hard for Sango and Miroku to be too far away for Inuyasha to smell them, apparently.
Kagome nodded and reached to grab ahold of his shoulders. "Okay," was all she had to say to that. "Let's go, then."
"Oh sure, now you're in a hurry," Inuyasha grumbled irritably at Kagome as he was led off.

"And what's with this dragging me around like a pet? Bathing me wasn't enough?" he further complained, failing to be thankful for the fact he wasn't on a leash.
"I'm not 'dragging you around like a pet,'" Kagome objected, pouting a little even as she kept going in her desired direction. "I just want to get there before something really bad happens. You saw that letter. It's urgent!"
"If it's so urgent, why did you let a bath get in the way?" Inuyasha quipped angrily at her, trying to wrench his arm away from her.

"We should have taken off the first chance we had after seeing that letter. Not stop for a bath!"
"I suppose you'd rather come down her dripping wet and soapy, then?" Kagome snipped. She sighed and reluctantly let him wrench his arm away, but eyed him warily.
"I wasn't soapy at the time!" Inuyasha argued, walking along side her in a huff. "You put the soap on me after. And I would have dried off anyway."
"You were dirty." Kagome wrinkled her nose for emphasis. "And this way you don't catch pneumonia." She sighed and looked around, eyes wide and nervous.

"Inuyasha, can you smell them anywhere?"
"And so is everyone here," Inuyasha sniped right back. "How else do you think I can smell them? It's not like people here get baths often," he kept whining.

As for smelling them, Inuyasha pointed in the direction they were already going and told Kagome, a bit more annoyed, "Where we're already headed! I would have let you know if we were going in the wrong direction."