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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions You Might Ask if You Were Gonna.... You know. Ask Questions.

Q. How does this community work?

A. First, upon applying at the application page and being accepted, you should create a journal for your character, and then join the community with that journal. This will let people know what character you're playing, and this is the journal you will use to log. Additionally, if you like (this is completely optional), you can keep entries in your journal as if it were a paper journal your character was writing, to give other players a look at your character's thoughts and motivations. PLEASE NOTE: Anything you learn from a character's journal is not something that your character will know unless you have permission from the player of the character to say that your character has read another's journal!

With your character's journal, you may make posts in the community in which to rp a particular scene. All posts should contain this form:

Followed by whatever your first turn is. If it is exceedingly long, put it behind a cut. All RPing in this community should be done in third person prose style.

Additionally, if you like, you may post logs of RPs done in instant messengers. Just cut out the screennames, please.

When you make a post to rp in, the next player's turn should come in the form of a comment to your original post, and your turn after theirs should come in a reply to their comment. DO NOT MAKE NEW POSTS FOR EACH TURN.

Q. How active do I need to be?

A. Please try and participate at least once every two weeks. If, however, by repeatedly only posting the bare minimum, you are holding up the plot, you may be warned to post more. If you cannot post more or as often as you need to, please post a hiatus notice in the main community. Hiatuses can be taken for up to one month.

Q. Can I app an OC?

A. Certainly! However, there are a few rules about OCs. First and foremost, OCs cannot cannot cannot have any relation by blood to canon characters. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. No. Second, OCs must be realistic. If we think your OC might be a Sue, we will suggest that you please review your application and try again. Third, if playing a youkai, they must be realistic to canon. No, your youkai cannot be a vampire, so don't even freakin' ask.

Q. Someone has a character that I want!

A. Tough beans, unless of course they have not participated in three weeks and are not on hiatus. If this happens and we have not picked it up, feel free to contact one of the mods and ask about it, and you should be allowed to apply for that character.

Q. Can I app a character that's already dead?

A. Sure! Just make a plausible reason why they would be back, and you can totally apply for them!

Q. How many characters can I have?

A. At this time you may have three characters, but only a max of two (2) canon characters and three (3) OCs.
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