Miroku Bosatsu-Gilliam (amorousmiroku) wrote in iy_awakened,
Miroku Bosatsu-Gilliam

RP open to Sango, Miroku

Miroku sat on the porch around the inn, staring up at the sky and flexing his right hand absently. There was too much to think about for him to sleep properly, and frankly, sleeping with other people in the room wasn't something he had done often in the past year, so it was difficult to get used to again.

The lack of constant companionship had been even more difficult to get used to, in the beginning. Most of his life after the age of eleven had been spent travelling on his own, but the time he had spent with his friends seemed so natural, it was painfully difficult to adjust after he left them.

Miroku sighed and frowned deeply at the inky blackness of the evening. What was more difficult was leaving Sango. Whether it was due to the simple fact that he had kept her company more than anyone elses, or the fact that the promise he had secretly been looking forward to all that time looked like it would never come, he didn't know. Seeing her again had been a shock he hadn't expected, and strangely, it had hurt.

His hand throbbed again and Miroku scowled, squeezing it into a fist. Damn it all.
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