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Fine, fine. We'll take second log -- Kagome and Inuyasha

He had to run away; what option had Kagome given him?

Inuyasha could understand her not wanting him in the house because of the cat. He could understand she wanted to get rid of the damn fleas before going in, but why, why, why did she have to bathe him outside, with a hose, like a common pet DOG?

"How dare she," Inuyasha muttered quietly to himself in shame as he, half-dripping wet, snuck into the shed with the well. Sure, Kagome would probably hunt him down in there soon, but Inuyasha was hoping he would have some time to himself. And maybe, just maybe, he'd be able to come up with some sort of plan in the meantime. Besides, it was dark in the shed, and he had plenty of shadow to hide in.

Unconsciously, one hand started scratch his itchy head, and he growled at the obnoxious, prickly sensation going down his back. Inuyasha quietly wished to himself he had a few more arms.
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